Color Switch Game

GamesIf you are looking for a new challenging and appealing application based video game to try in your leisure, there is a brand-new addition you may want to search in to called Color Switch. This is a tap based problem video game that provides a lot of challenge in the form of barriers. The goal is to move through the barriers on the side that matches the color of your regulated on-screen personality. However there is an added layer of problem to the game as you regularly change shades via each program.

The regulations of the game are simple. You manage a small sphere or dot on the screen, as well as your goal is to remain to removal via sets of removaling challenges disallowing your path. Nonetheless you need to removal through the part of the obstacle matching the shade of your personality in order to advance. It sounds simple, but the obstacles move quickly and you need to react quickly in order to maintain the pace of each level. If you removal through at the wrong time, your character explodes right into small vivid little bits, and you must begin again. At the end of each level attempt you are scored based on your efficiency, and you gain factors called celebrities which you can utilize to acquire new looks as well as layouts for your character.